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Business Cards for Jerks


Do you want to add a little more meat to your resume? Try handing out your business cards in beef jerky. A carnivore’s delight to networking, MeatCards provides custom made beef jerky business cards via a 150 Watt CO2 Laser Beam. No joke. Their website simply states, “these business cards have two ingredients: Meat and Lasers“, with the added disclaimer that “MeatCards do not fit in a Rolodex because their deliciousness cannot be contained by a Rolodex.” Is this for real? Yes. Can you eat the business cards of your competitors? Not recommended. The guys behind MeatCards assure that their product is edible, but they make no promise of it being palatable; due to legal implications, they don’t plan to market it as such.

Nonetheless, it is an interesting concept. I feel like their target market may be somewhere between the avid outdoorsmen and the die-hard rodeo rider, but anyone keen on standing out from the rest could probably be served well by a MeatCard. Who cares if you get a call back for an interview because your contact information smells like Mesquite BBQ? You still made it to round two!

And why do I get the feeling these cards were designed by a bunch of stoners? The conversation probably started with, “Dude, what if the whole world was made of beef jerky?” Upon agreeing this would be a good idea, they decided to start small – with the business card, but full-blown hickory-smoked venison resumes are likely what’s next. (Or maybe that’s just the Wisconsinite salivating in me).  I can just hear PETA starting up their cannons for this campaign, but I got to give props to MeatCards for adding some flavor to the workplace.

Article By: Ashley Dresser

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