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NASA Helps Farmers Dig Healthy Crops

Managing Crops from the Heavens

Farmers are using satellite views of their land for strategic management of their crops, marketing, and soil.  Strategy, no matter what you’re ‘field’, is a always a matter of perspective.

From National Geographic:

The images help the Thomases root out problems caused by Canadian thistle and other weeds, NASA adds. “They help confirm that their crops are growing at least 10 feet from the borders of a neighboring farm–required to maintain organic certification. They can also spot the telltale signs of bottlenecking in the fields—where flooding is over-saturating crops–and monitor the impact of hail storms.”

Said Thomas, “We’d have to walk our entire 1,200 hundred-plus acres on a regular basis to see the same things we can see by just downloading satellite images.”

Thomas recently began providing her farm’s coordinates to her buyers in Japan. “There’s no more ideal way I know to show how healthy our crops are to someone thousands of miles away,” she said.

Article By: Cecily Sommers

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