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Say it with jewelry

Tiffany & Company blue boxThis holiday season, advertisements for premier jeweler Tiffany & Company bear the tagline, “Give voice to your heart.” For those with visions of something glittery and sparkly dancing in their heads, nothing could be more festive than receiving a gift in the little blue box.

Well this year, there’s a whole new option for those wishing to express themselves with jewelry. In 2008, four “opportunity architects”  from  the Royal College of Art, London’s department of Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) got together to form the 1234lab. Sarat  Babu, Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith, Guillaume Drapier and Hermann Trebsche combined their expertise in product design, design strategy, product development, electronic engineering and material engineering to develop products that can ”translate sound into physical objects.”

The 8hertz concept jewelry from 1234lab is a unique combination of “input, algorithm, 3d printing and fine handwork” designed to translate the “nuance, tone, timbre and timing” of the individual human voice into a one-of-a-kind three-dimensional form cast in precious metal.  (Think snarled wire dipped in white chocolate.) Here’s how it works:

“A recording is made of an individual’s voice, sampling every nuance, subtlety and accent. This high-definition representation is then translated via a custom algorithm into a three-dimensional form. The form captures the essence of communication. Each piece is individual and unique to the person who created it. The piece is then realized in precious metal in order to capture the moment in a timeless, durable icon representing the unique nature of human interaction.”

In this case, a short video is worth a thousand words:

So, there you go — whether the folks on your gift list have been naughty or nice, a unique 8hertz necklace can express your holiday sentiment like nothing else. I guess my only questions are — Is there a spell check? And, … how accurately calibrated is the 8hertz method? … i.e., what is the discernable difference between “I love you” and “I loathe you“?

Article By: Katherine Emmons

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  1. elle says:

    wow, i’m not really much of a jewelry person, but this intrigues me and i find the pieces in the video quite beautiful. really amazing what some minds can come up with.

  2. Forest Taylor says:

    Most of the people I’ve shown this to have really liked it. I think the tech is cool, but was surprised how many people liked the look of it.

    Maybe a commentary on my fashion sense? (safe bet)

  3. Katherine says:

    The biggest downside for me is the volume of the piece (no pun intended)… it seems as though the cage-like structure would stick out quite far from the plane of the body.
    .-= Katherine´s last blog ..The audacity of science =-.

  4. Roshini says:

    I agree with you Katherine, the size does seem bulky. But overall, I love this idea. I would absolutely wear a smaller version of my unique imprint. As a presentation consultant, I often teach clients that the most important part of their individual delivery is their vocal behavior. It can make an average looking person seem gorgeous and a beautiful person seem frumpy. 8hertz really takes vocal behavior to a level I hadn’t imagined. Fascinating!

  5. Marcia Jedd says:

    I love this idea. I would absolutely wear a miniature version – like in silver -of my imprint: one word in a charm for my charm bracelet or as a necklace or pendant. The possiblities are good for further marketing of this concept with different product versions. Inspired.

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