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Brain Food: Scott Pilgrim vs. Minority Report, Seeing in the Dark

This week, Brain Food ran the gamut. We had motion-sensing computers, comic book heroes and the weather – not necessarily in that order. Without further ado …

Gesture-based computing takes a serious turn (New Scientist)
As much as the computers in “Minority Report” have been touted as the future of online interaction and digital interface, the G-Speak system from Oblong Industries is as close to a full realization as I’ve ever seen. I could wax poetic, but the video below is probably more to the point.

Back Story: Books vs. E-Books (Newsweek)
Who will win in the epic battle between bound books and electronic downloads? Hardcover books sold over 200 million more copies than electronic books last year. Still, with more readers coming out, the latter’s reach will only be extended. Do you side with Team Jobs or Team Gutenberg?

Seeing with Sound (New Scientist)
By using a tiny microphone attached to a pair of sunglasses, Peter Meijer is letting the blind see – with sound. The vOICe system utilizes sound waves, much like a bat, helping the blind person  navigate via a sort of echo-location.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation (Adult Swim)
“Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” might be one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and is definitely one of the most fun. It inspired me to shop for electric guitars and seek out the original source material. Will my axe skills push the future of rock ‘n’ roll? Doubtful … but it may push future roommates to the brink of insanity.

A Location-Aware Music Video (PSFK)
Lissie’s music video for “Cuckoo” might be the first geo-specific music video ever made; it’s at least the first one I’ve ever heard of. (Maybe not as much of a litmus test as I think it is?) When you go to the Lissie’s website, you will be asked if it’s all right for them to locate you. If you say yes, the music video will play – backdrop specific to the weather you’re experiencing.

Article By: Forest Taylor

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