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The House of Fairy Tales – The Serious Business of Having Fun

The House of Fairy Tales - Our TaleTextbook-based learning is great and all, but I highly doubt that my current worldview or creative inclinations were inspired by an American History textbook. Despite many wonderful teachers, this is the system. It can be more or less interesting depending on the ship’s captain, but it is still very “checklisty.”

Rather, I like to think that my path (whatever it is) was set by my dad reading “The Gods of Mars” to my brother and I before we went to sleep, by the radio plays my brother and I taped onto cassette when we were little, and the horror movies I stayed up late to watch under my parents’ noses …

The House of Fairy Tales is an artist-led initiative in the UK, focused on creating “parallel worlds where learning is play and play is directed learning.” Through a sort of interactive, traveling roadshow; the artists, philosophers, storytellers, educators, filmmakers and other creatives who make up House of Fairy Tales spin yarns and engage both young and old in stories and spontaneous creativity.

Why fairy tales?

The House of Fairy Tales“They allow children to explore the complex minefield of these hopes, dreams and fears on a self-lead journey. Fairy Tales are, in short, a perfect vehicle for our educational principles!”

The House of Fairy Tales fits into the right-brain-centricity espoused by people like Daniel Pink, who believe that the more well-rounded, more prepared individual will also be more creative. The ability to tell a story, engage an audience and connect with others on an richly emotional level transcends age, race, nationality and gender.

If advancement is only limited by the breadth of our imagination, then we need people who are willing to put the time and energy into stretching it.

When you really get down to it, having fun is pretty serious business.

(via Forgotten Hopes)

Article By: Forest Taylor

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