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Education: 1, Poverty: 0

i) 72 million children are not in school.
ii) 776 million adults cannot read this sentence.
iii) The majority of children denied an education are girls.

Instead of simply raging over those statistics like me, leaders, footballers and celebrities worldwide are uniting to promote UNESCO’s global ‘Education for All’ movement, which aims to meet the learning needs of ALL children and adults by 2015.

Using the 2010 FIFA World Cup as a platform, an initiative called 1GOAL was started with the intent of holding the world leaders of 164 different countries to their education promises. International soccer stars, like Thierry Henry and Zinedine Zidane, asked World Cup fans to simply sign their name on a petition to draw attention to the cause, creating a united world voice and encouraging world leaders to place education at the top of their agenda.

Although the World Cup is over now, more than 15 million people have donated signatures to the campaign, with numbers continuing to grow. Hopefully the campaign succeeded in catching the attention of world leaders, as they’re scheduled to convene at a UN Conference next week to discuss development goals.

1GOAL is amazing because it used the star power and media attention surrounding the World Cup as a catalyst for change – to make it into something bigger and more important than just a sporting event. It’s heartening to see so many people support worldwide education, something that should be a basic human right.

Plus, if I wasn’t already on board, Shakira is a 1Goal ambassador, cementing my loyalty to the cause. Let’s all Waka Waka for education.

Article By: Megan Weisenberger

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  1. Forest says:

    Oh Shakira … mi corazon.nnAlso, education is awesome – even math … kindof.

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