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Fuel cells placed in estuaries could help power cities like Boston and New York!

  • Mixing freshwater with saltwater produces electricity. 
  • A process known as reverse electrodialysis could channel that electricity into the power grid. 
  • Right now the electricity would be relatively expensive to produce, but that could change.

Capturing electrical current in naturally flowing ones seems pretty cool to me, especially when it has no environmental impact. Another example of how solutions to global issues (of all kinds) are going local. Looks very promising!

From news.discovery.com:

As long as rivers of freshwater flow into a salty sea, rivers of electricity could flow from estuaries into the power grid.

Scientists from the Netherlands have found a way to harvest electricity from estuaries using devices similar to a fuel cell and they say that a full-scale production plant could provide significant amounts of power to nearby cities.

These small stacks have no moving parts to endanger wildlife or break, and could add electricity to the grid as fast as freshwater is dumped into saltwater.

Article By: Cecily Sommers

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