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A Global Dinner Party – Dinner Rolls

A Global Dinner Party is designed for a table of 8-10 people. We’ve found that it’s best when responsibilities are shared, so have created a list of “Dinner Rolls” to assign guests. It’s not only more fun that way, but helps us standardize the data we collect.

Descriptions of Dinner Rolls follow below. A checklist for each role details what needs to be done in preparation for, during, and after the dinner party. To download the checklist (and print), click on the role of your choice. Enjoy!

global dinner party logohead
global dinner party logohead

Role Profile Description
role Host Warm, Gracious Prepares space, invites guests, organizes event
role Co-Host Detail Oriented Assists with above
role Head Foodie Loves to cook for others. Creates menu. Either delegates, if potluck, or prepares food. Food should be simple and not require anyone to spend much time in the kitchen.
role Facilitator Observant, articulate, knows when to stay quiet. Presents Questions, manages time, encourages participation, supports fun and discovery.
role Monitor Sensitive to group dynamics, communication Signals when conversation strays away from question, if someone’s is dominating or pontificating, and/or if responses are being led with “I think…” Download the Monitor Signal Cards
role Reporter Experienced Captures main ideas, memorable moments of the evening, in writing: Download the Reporter Worksheet
role Photographer Unobtrusive Records the action, in images.
role Follow-up Agent Tech-savvy, Cheerleader Collects and uploads notes to site, reports on post-dinner activities, maintains the “table community.”