A look at what – and who – is pushing the future in new directions


Amuse Bouche: A little bite of delight before the meal begins

Prelude to A Global Dinner Party

The event is an Amuse Bouche (pronunciation: amooz boosh), ‘a little bite’ of what’s to come in the future
— and at a dinner table near you! Join us for a full evening of Amuse-ing and Bouche-ing: art, music, film,
 hors d’oeuvres, and cocktails, all in the company of seriously smart, connected, fun people.

signature cocktails and delectable appetizers (well, amuse bouche) from the fabulous 318 Café
on-site art creation by Scott Seekins (the subject of terrific videos by Olson + Co: 1, 2, 3)
mad beats in the house with Carnage the Executioner and percussionist Peter O’Gorman
inspiring documentary footage from “Docu-dude” Mark Falstad (HBO, Nat Geo, Bill Moyers)
and even more surprises in store, all in the magical space of Brant Kingman studios.