A look at what – and who – is pushing the future in new directions

PUSH 2005: Geography of Change


Welcome Letter

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As globalization continues to collapse time, distance and economic space, the rate of change is accelerating at a dizzying pace. Advances in technology have allowed the exchange of ideas, influences and innovations to occur instantaneously, through discrete social networks. Change itself has become decentralized and is often generated under the radar and outside our focus on (threatened) norms and standards. What’s increasingly clear is that we cannot control it; rather, our power lies in how we choose to engage and leverage forces of change for a future worth creating. Read More…

Push 2005 is designed to give you a glimpse of that future. Our work over the next few days is to identity and understand what’s coming in from the Periphery of Change and the below-the-surface drivers that are creating those changes. Most importantly, Push 2005 is intended to help you discern the changes that really matter and their relationship to what really matters to you.

Together, over the next two and a half days, we will explore the Geography of Change and the big ideas and strategic territories that are just the beginning to emerge. We will learn, laugh, be entertained, piqued and provoked by some of the greatest minds and talents of out time. Including you. The connections you make here – the insights, relationships, opportunities – are you map to a future only you can imagine. What you bring back to your life and you organization is an appreciation not only for where the world is going, but a vision for a world you must create. Welcome to Push 2005!

Cecily Sommers
The Push Institute


NEW FRONTIERS: The Edge of Possibility

Throughout history, technology has shaped how we see the world and its possibilities. And now that the rate of innovation and change is accelerating exponentially, we are seeing ever more radical capabilities that are altering our definitions of “world,” “life,” and “human.” What new frontiers and resources are opening up as a result, and how will it affect the choices we make? What influence will it have on how we live, and on society as a whole?

BUSINESS MODELS: Lessons from Deviants

The radicals, the renegades, the deviants – some of our most influential innovations come from the irrepressible fringes of society. What perspective can we gain from those who both live and think outside norms, conventions and laws? What activities are brewing under the radar that signal emerging markets, technologies and business models? What elements of deviant practices are creating the future first, and how can we learn from them?

EMERGING CAPITAL: From Threat to Opportunity

Already more than 50% of the population in developing countries is under the age of twenty-five, with continued growth expected over the next generations. This tipping point in global demographics suggests either incredible unrest or unrealized opportunity. What will it take to liberate the great entrepreneurial urge in this population? And as globalizing influences introduce new possibilities for development, how likely are they to be our future business partners?

STRATEGY: Mediating Change

Now that we’ve peered over the horizon line, it’s time to consider where you want to place yourself in the future. What territory can you own? Who will you serve? And how will you get there? These critical questions can only be answered through further exploration of ideas and insights as yet unseen. Tools and methods for uncovering the Big Idea will be included in this concluding segment, allowing you to locate yourself in the Geography of Tomorrow.