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Climate scientists predict extreme drought for U.S. and Western hemisphere – and major consequences -in coming decades

Extreme drought is likely in store in the coming decades for parts of the United States and the broader Western Hemisphere, scientists said today (Oct. 19), cautioning that we should expect dry conditions unlike anything seen in modern times.

The likely culprit: warming temperatures linked to climate change.

“We are facing the possibility of widespread drought in the coming decades, but this has yet to be fully recognized by both the public and the climate change research community,” said National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) scientist and study team member Aiguo Dai. “If the projections in this study come even close to being realized, the consequences for society worldwide will be enormous.”

Just when we learned that the world is NOT ending in 2012 (update: the Mayan prediction is, apparently, wrong) comes news of something more gruesome.

As for this winter, meteorologists say La Nina may be laying into us with more snow and cold but, if the climatologists are right, we shouldn’t let today’s temperatures fool us.

What does this mean? Sustainability isn’t a trend or a value set, it’s a mandate.