A look at what – and who – is pushing the future in new directions

About The Push Institute

The Push Institute is committed to cultivating and spreading Change Literacy, a working knowledge of the constant and predictable forces shaping our future. Our ultimate objective: eradicate short-sightedness and help people in every sector, at every level of society make better decisions today, for tomorrow.

We are dedicated to the spirit of inquiry, organizing research around basic lines of discovery: “What is emerging?” “What impact will it have?” “What are the factors contributing to these activities, and how do they extend into other domains?” “How do other vectors of change converge on this issue, and how might they influence its adoption or spread?” The ultimate objective of this line of inquiry is to 1) understand the deepest forces of change and how they’re shaping the world in which we live, and 2) help individuals and organizations discover their future potential by connecting global trends to local concerns and commitments.

Our Mission

The Push institute’s mission is to “Stamp Out Short-Sightedness.” This ambitious goal is supported by research, education, training, and tools that foster change literacy and the practice of strategic foresight among decision-makers in business, government, and community organizations.

Our Point of View

Our programs and services are based on the following assumptions:

• Understanding the forces and laws that govern change is necessary for anticipating challenges and opportunities ahead
• The power to invent the future depends on the capacity to imagine it
• What you can’t see can hurt you
• Leadership starts with vision, proceeds with courage and followed by committed action
• Values and beliefs change overtime, but human nature (basic drives) remains constant
• More foresight = better decisions today, less risk tomorrow

Board of Directors

Cecily Sommers, President >>The Push Institute Bonnie Marshall, Chair >>Arc Greater Twin Cities
Rico Vallejos, Vice Chair >>Latino Creative Karen Gulliver, Treasurer >>Argosy University
Jennifer Kemp, Director >>Kemp & Company Vicky Melen, Director >>Neill Corporation
John Reinan, Director>>Fast Horse Lucy Swift, Director, >>Twin Cities Public Television


Stacey Liou Neha Mashooqullah Megan Weisenberger
Kayton Parekh Forest Taylor

The Push Institute is a nonprofit organization under the 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Code.